April 21, 2009

Data mine online profiles with one keypress

Glenn Jones' Identify Firefox browser plugin uses Google's Social Graph API to correlate identities between social networking and media-sharing sites. Says ReadWriteWeb:
Jones's tool is a Firefox plug-in you can evoke from any web page that has links tagged rel="me". Just click the control key and the "i" key to get a pop-up offering information put together from all around the web about the person the page is associated with. It works on Twitter profile pages, LinkedIn pages, blogs with good markup and other profile pages.

The data that gets displayed can be frightening if you've exposed more information about yourself than you'd like on a rel="me" linked page.

Explicit is the potential for data mining personally identifiable information online:
The tool is clearly very useful as a way to learn more about people whose usernames you come across online.

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