October 8, 2007

Keep your smartphone in your sight

Another reason why your mobile smartphone shouldn't be out of your sight:

FlexiSPY Pro is tracking software that can be installed on a "smart" mobile phone by anyone who has access to the phone for a few minutes. After installation, it copies the smartphone's SMS text messages, call history and other data to FlexiSPY's server four times a day to be accessed by the party who installed the spyware. The phone's microphone can even be activated remotely so the smartphone can be used remotely as a passive bug.

I haven't tried the product, but Airscanner for Windows
claims to detect threat spyware programs such as Mobile-spy and FlexiSPY.

So far, this software can only be installed if someone has physical access to the Windows Mobile (or other type) smartphone. Regular cell phones that can't run third-party programs are not vulnerable to this backdoor software.

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